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The mission of the Duluth-Superior Sailing Association is to offer the joy of sailing to the entire Duluth-Superior community, regardless of skill level, physical disability, or financial means. Our  experienced, A.S.A. and U.S. Sailing certified staff provide sailing classes for children and adults of all experience levels, including beginning sailing lessons,  A.S.A. certification courses, and racing clinics. We provide programs for group sailing, adaptive sailing, and special topic sailing clinics and courses. Our open sailing hours are noon-dusk most days in our June-September season, providing many opportunities to get out on the water with our Day Sailer fleet, which includes everything from from 8-foot Optis for kids to racing boats and our cruise boats for experienced sailors. Become a DSSA member today, and join us for a fantastic summer experience!


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Is Summer Over? Not Quite!!

2014-08-16 10:38:54

All to soon, I’m staring at the end of the season! I’ve been working on staff scheduling and quickly realizing that it is here and much of the staff is heading off to other obligations like school, work and travel in the near future!

We are having our last youth class this coming week and our last adult class today and tomorrow.
With that said, there are a couple of important things you can do to continue to support your organization:
- If you know sailors who have considered joining, let them know that a membership purchased after today (Aug 15th) will carry through the 2015 sailing season.
- If you know folks who wanted to take lessons, but missed there chance this summer…tell them to email me at and ask to be put on our mailing list. That way they will get a reminder as I start to send out emails in the spring about lesson sign up.
- Open Sailing hours WILL be restricted beginning Monday the 25th. Please check the calendar for open sailing times. During the season, you can assume open sailing from noon till dusk unless it says otherwise. After the 25th, specific open sailing times will be posted.
- There will be projects lists coming as we get ready to close down for the year. Please help whenever you can! I will email volunteer opportunities to those on the mailing list. There are likely be shout outs on  Facebook as well.
- Get out and sail! : ) Please take advantage of the beautiful end of summer weather we’ve been having and get out and sail while you can : ) There is still time…..

See you on the water!


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Getting in the swing!

2014-06-18 20:10:20

Gotta love our spring weather ; ) Our open house on Saturday seemed like a stretch (43 deg and blowing hard!) so it was called off. As it happened, I was down on the point and got a call from a young lady who was wondering why we weren’t there…I ran down and he had a talk and she is now one of our many new members this season!

We’ve had a busy week this last week, between staff orientation, working on pier organization and improvement and getting more boats ready to go! We also had a beautiful night of sailing with the folks from the Courage Kenny center last night!

As for boats, we have the following in the water: Lasers, Opti’s, our two Interlakes, the O’day, Impatiens, the Soling. We also have a newly donated Ranger 23 (Andre) in, with just a little more work needed before she’s ready to sail.

In the coming week we are looking to have the two 2.4′s, the newly donated J-Fore (a Cal T/4) and the Ynglings in the water.

Looking forward to seeing members new and old on the water soon!

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Is THAT what summer feels like! : )

2014-05-27 07:26:04

Yep…I think it’s here! Summer…and my first official sunburn of the season (I’m not bragging – Wear Sun Screen!). Since my last post, we’ve had a couple of really productive work days. Thanks to all the volunteers who have been able to help out! The docks are in, the Lasers and Optis are ready to go, Impatiens and the O’day are in the water and plans to launch more boats are in the works.

Our programming season starts this week with Harbor City International school and even though there still may be ice on the big lake, the weather looks perfect.

We’ll be having our spring open house events on the 7th and 14th of June. The events run from noon till four. This is a great opportunity to come down and meet the crew, eat some food and maybe get out on a boat for a bit! Free rides are offered to potential members and if you’re a current member you can stop down and help us get new folks out!

I’m excited about our staff this year, with many experienced returning staff and two new positive young folk! : ) They are all here to help you continue to learn to sail safely and comfortably on our wide range of available craft.

If you want to keep up to date on events as they come up, drop me a note at and I’ll add you to my mailing list. I use that mailing list to update interested folks on volunteer opportunities and programming events.

I’m excited to see you all on the water!


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