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The Duluth-Superior Sailing Association (DSSA) hires employees for our summer season (June-September) as pier staff and sailing instructors. Instructor applicants need US Sailing or ASA Instructor, first aid, and CPR certifications. Applications are now closed for the 2013 season, but check with us again next spring for openings.

Job Description and Responsibilities

Staff working on the pier in daily contact with our membership are vital to the organization. We can succeed in our mission only when staff maintain a friendly, safe, disciplined, and orderly facility. DSSA staff are expected to meet the following expectations.

  • All staff are required to complete an application for employment, present their social security card, complete required government employment forms, and be subject to employment policies effected by law. This includes, but is not limited to random drug testing.
  • Staff should be competent in handling boats (sail and power) owned by the DSSA. US Sailing Instructor certification (min. Level I Small Boat Sailing Instructor) is preferred, but not absolutely required for all positions. Maintain current CPR and First Aid certifications. (Certification may be waived for non-instructor and counselor level positions.)
  • Staff will arrive and be ready to begin work at scheduled times, dressed appropriately. There will be ABSOLUTELY NO TRADING OF HOURS without prior approval from the designated DSSA Board member.
  • Staff will follow daily pier procedures as laid down by the DSSA Board of Directors, including daily record maintenance.
  • Staff will demonstrate a commitment to working as a team, and be supportive of the efforts of their fellow staff as well as DSSA Board of Directors and members.
  • Staff will be appropriate role models for the students and volunteers. Encourage the highest levels of sportsmanship and behavior. Generate enthusiasm and commitment to learning, while maintaining a commitment to the DSSA’s fundamental program objectives: safety, fun, and learning.
  • For lessons, instructors will follow the course curriculum as designed, developing the daily lesson plans for their respective classes as appropriate. It is expected that instructors will make full and constructive use of the time scheduled for classes, and show creativity and excitement with their classes to the best of their ability.
  • Staff are responsible for ensuring that the safety boat(s) that they will be using for class has the necessary and required safety and teaching equipment, before going out on the water.
  • Staff are responsible for all land side and on-the-water aspects of the conduct of their classes.This includes assisting students with the preparation and launching of sailboats; reviewing and ensuring that rigging is done correctly; and assuring that the boat(s) are in safe, working condition.
  • At the end of the day, staff are responsible for making sure that all boats, both safety and sail, are properly secured and put away, and that any extraneous equipment or materials (including trash) has been removed.
  • Staff are responsible for reporting accidents/illness, both minor and serious, to the Head Instructor and parent/guardian, and for making the appropriate notes in the Accident Log.
  • Staff are responsible for reporting problems with the condition of any boat (tender or sail) used in the program to the designated DSSA Board member and recording them in the Maintenance Log. Staff are expected to take care of minor repairs whenever practicable (i.e. replacing frayed lines, etc.). Repairs or maintenance of a more serious nature (i.e. hull damage, ripped sails, etc.) will addressed by the DSSA Board.

The DSSA is an equal opportunity employer. No person will be excluded from consideration for employment because of race, color, religious creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, veteran status, martial status, or physical challenges that do not impede performance of duties contained in their job description.


To apply for the positions of sailing instructor or pier staff, you may complete our online application form, or download a paper application (pdf) and mail it to us at

Duluth-Superior Sailing Association
P.O. Box 3094,
Duluth MN 55803

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