Race Night/ GOAST

So this Friday (7/22) evening looks sunny, warm with 8-10 mph winds…perfect night for sailing. Lets gather and see how many boats we can get out on the water this Friday again. We had a lot of fun last week, with 8 boats competing in racing and a couple others just out for a sail. Heck, I’ll even bring my bocce ball set down if you just want to hang out.

BTW…for those wondering, of those who raced last week, about half had never competed in a race before, and a couple just started sailing this summer. This is intended to be a low stress racing opportunity…a change to learn new skills and practice what you’ve learned. With the Interlakes in the mix, there is the opportunity to get on board with someone with more experience and see what racing is all about.

As always, bring food to throw on the grill…I can’t afford to feed you all each week, but the grill is there!! : )

Sailboats by the Numbers

As boats are donated, I’m often curious to compare them by the numbers against boats that I’ve sailed before. If you’re one of those people who likes to dig into this kind of stuff, here are a couple of good resources for the numbers.

One place that makes it really easy to compare one boat against another is Tom Dove’s Sail Calculator: I like this one because it’s simple, no ads or other stuff to sort through. It also includes some numbers like Capsize Ratio and Motion Comfort ratings:
Tom Dove’s Sail Calculator

Here’s another that that a larger database and may have links to other related boat owner forums and reviews.
Sailboat Data

Finally, If you want to know what all those numbers mean : ), Ted Brewer’s design site gives good descriptions of each of the terms used.
Ted Brewer Yacht Design

Have fun!


It’s time for our first GOAST of the season! So here’s the idea behind GOAST (Get Out And Sail Tonight!)…pick a nice day, put the grill on, invite folks down to throw something on the grill and get out and sail. Meet new sailors, get out on boats new to you, bring a friend down and introduce them to sailing etc….
Come On Down and Join us this Saturday night  (June 18th) from 4:30 till dusk! 

Sailing Season is here!

Well the pier is looking good and we’ve got a few boats in the water! Come help us celebrate the beginning of the season by stopping in for one of our two scheduled open houses. The first one is this coming Saturday the 4th of June. The second will be on the 11th. Both will offer opportunities for free boat rides, food and a chance to meet staff and board members while finding out more about summer programs. Bring your neighbors and friends down between Noon and Four and join us as we celebrate the start to summer.

Our official open sailing schedule will begin Friday June 10th, with hours of operation from Noon till dusk daily (weather permitting). Remember to check the official calendar here on our web site for pier closings and special events. You can also stay in touch with us via our Facebook site at https://www.facebook.com/groups/148102077597/

See you on the water!

Tim Ingersoll

Starting the Countdown!

Cripes!! Is that right? Next weekend? My how time flies!

Ok…so here’s the scoop….if we want to go sailing we have to get docks in the water, equipment organized and boats launched. While we  always hope that things will go quick and easy….we always run into something that makes us wish we had one more person down at the pier helping out (“Hey…do you mind changing out that flat tire on the boat trailer?”)

So…next weekend, Saturday May 21st….9 am till….? At the Pier. All help is welcome! If you’re new to town or to the organization, stop down and say hi! Just don’t be surprised if someone says, “Welcome to the DSSA! Could you grab that box and haul it to the shed.” : )