Starting the Countdown!

Cripes!! Is that right? Next weekend? My how time flies!

Ok…so here’s the scoop….if we want to go sailing we have to get docks in the water, equipment organized and boats launched. While we  always hope that things will go quick and easy….we always run into something that makes us wish we had one more person down at the pier helping out (“Hey…do you mind changing out that flat tire on the boat trailer?”)

So…next weekend, Saturday May 21st….9 am till….? At the Pier. All help is welcome! If you’re new to town or to the organization, stop down and say hi! Just don’t be surprised if someone says, “Welcome to the DSSA! Could you grab that box and haul it to the shed.” : )



2016 Season

Yes….it’s been a long winter, but as I sit here, the ice is off the bay and we’ve had enough of those beautiful, sunny and warm days to make us start dreaming about summer and sailing. I have to admit, I’ve been a little slow on the uptake this spring and am just now starting to get summer events posted on the calendar.  A couple things of note….

Our annual spaghetti dinner is scheduled for next weekend, once again at St. Paul’s church in Duluth (details on our Facebook site). We’ve also scheduled our Spring Open House events for Saturday June 4th and June 11th – Noon-4pm.

These events are great ways to find out about the DSSA organization and to connect with members.

As we head towards summer, I encourage all to connect with our Facebook site and/or email me at and ask to be added to the mailing list. Those are the two main venues that I use to disseminate information about summer events.

I look forward to seeing new and old friends at the pier this summer. If you’re new to the area and have questions, email me and I will be in touch!



Facebook…a great way to keep in touch!

I thought I’d throw a reminder out to folks that our Facebook site is a great way to stay in touch with what is going on at the pier during the summer months as I update that more regularly then the web site! If you haven’t made it there, check us out at:

The summer is staying busy and we’ve had some beautiful days! Be sure to stop down and visit! Check the pier calendar for exceptions to our hours, but generally you’ll find someone down there from noon till at least 6:30 7 days a week….later if someone is out sailing!

Off and Running

Dear Members and Friends,

Well we’re off and running! Youth lessons are starting this week and we have a full class for the upcoming weekend Adult lessons. We still have boats to get in the water, but the Lasers, Soling, Optis, Interlakes, Johnson Xboat (new to us) and one of the 2.4 meter boats are in and ready to go. J-Fore (Cal24) is in the water and just needs a couple days to get it prepped for sailing.

As we’re ramping up, there are a couple of things I’d love help with. The grass grows daily down here : ) and I don’t have a weed wacker to keep things neat! I’d love either a volunteer to stop down about once per week during the summer to clean things up, or the donation of a gas trimmer that the staff could use. Please let me know if you can commit to one of these to keep the pier looking nice throughout the summer.
I would also love the donation of a gas grill for the pier. We have one that was donated about 10+ years ago and it is getting a little rough around the edges! I’m planning on using it weekly for our GOAST nights (Sunday Sailing – Get Out and Sail Tonight) which will happen weekly throughout the summer starting at 4:30 on Sunday Evenings (come on down and bring a friend).
Speaking of friends…..a great way to grow the organization is to personally invite someone down to go sailing with you. Any fully paid member can bring a non-member friend to the pier. Your friend will be asked to fill out a waiver and purchase a $10 daily membership. You might be surprised at how many of those friends decide they’re interested in sailing! It’s your way of sharing the joy and helping to grow our membership

2015 Summer Programming in the Works!

Members and Friends…Summer is on the way! Actually, after the warm weather we had a few weeks ago it feels like summer has come and gone again! : )

There are a couple of pieces of news I’d like to share as we head into this summer. FIrst off, we’re off to a good start with preparations at the pier, but please watch for notifications of work days as help is still needed to get the facility ready and boats in the water.

A few weeks ago, one of our storage sheds was blown over by 50-70mph winds. The roof was damaged and it was laying on its side in the entryway to the pier. Yesterday, we had a good size crew down that was able to get it set back upright after repairing the roof and  then re-shingling.  We also moved the Opti and Laser gear down from the shop and got the ramp on the big dock. These were all significant projects and I want to thank everyone who came down to help out.

Our first programming of the summer will be having the Harbor City International School kids down for a spring symposium the 3rd week of May. Our spring open house events will be the first two Saturday of June, with regular programming and open sailing beginning the 6th. Make sure you check out the calendar here in the web site to keep up on sailing opportunities.

All summer classes are listed on the calendar, so now is the time to get kids and adults signed up for lessons. If you’re a sailor, but not yet a member, come on down and see the fleet….I’m sure we’ll get you hooked on the many great opportunities we offer sailors for getting on the water.

Speaking of which…..our newest donation is a J24! If you are familiar with that boat you’ll know that it is a fun, fast boat and will be a great addition to the fleet.

We’re also hoping to have both Ygnlings in this year, along with all 3 of our 2.4 meter boats. Watch for opportunities to do some match racing this summer with these boats and our Interlakes.

I’m looking forward to seeing my sailing friends, new and old on the water soon. Keep in touch on the facebook site, or contact me at if you have any questions about the organization, lessons, group outings or anything else sailing related!

See you on the water!

Tim Ingersoll
Waterfront Director