Race Night/ GOAST

So this Friday (7/22) evening looks sunny, warm with 8-10 mph winds…perfect night for sailing. Lets gather and see how many boats we can get out on the water this Friday again. We had a lot of fun last week, with 8 boats competing in racing and a couple others just out for a sail. Heck, I’ll even bring my bocce ball set down if you just want to hang out.

BTW…for those wondering, of those who raced last week, about half had never competed in a race before, and a couple just started sailing this summer. This is intended to be a low stress racing opportunity…a change to learn new skills and practice what you’ve learned. With the Interlakes in the mix, there is the opportunity to get on board with someone with more experience and see what racing is all about.

As always, bring food to throw on the grill…I can’t afford to feed you all each week, but the grill is there!! : )

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