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Cruise Boat Reservation

Certified DSSA members can reserve cruise boats for a full day (dawn-dusk) or a half day (dawn-11:45am or 12:15-dusk) or sailing in either the Duluth Harbor or on the near shore of Lake Superior.

Before requesting a reservation, check the cruise boat reservation calender for an available date!

Cruise boat reservations are $40 day, or $20 for a half day.

Reservation Policy

By signing my digital signature below, I confirm that I certified by the DSSA to captain the boat I am requesting.

I understand that I am required to submit a float plan before this trip.

I understand that all guests on this cruise boat trip must be DSSA members. Day memberships can be purchased for visiting guests.

I understand that, if requesting a half-day reservation over the noon hour, the reservation may be cancelled if there standard time requests are made for the same day.

I further confirm that I will abide and enforce all aspects of the DSSA's Boat Use Policy during this trip.

In the event of bad weather or other conditions, the DSSA may need to reschedule lessons and boat rentals. In this case, we will do everything we can to accommodate your schedule. If we cannot reschedule to a date that works for you, your lesson/reservation fees will be refunded.

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