Updates, Merchandise, and Pier Work Day

Dear Members and Friends,

I thought I would update you on all of the exciting things that are going on with the Duluth-Superior Sailing Association.  Lately, we have been setting up programming and doing general maintenance in order to get everything ready for June.  Three keelboats have brand-new bottom paint, and J-Fore is getting some much needed repairs.

A tentative calendar has been posted on the website (sailingforall.org).  Check this for updates!  We intend to post weather closings on this calendar as well as Facebook during the summer.  We will be offering regular four day youth lessons this year, but we are also looking forward to four youth camps.  These camps will run all-day and are taking place at the DSSA pier or Barker’s Island Marina depending on the week.  The camps are broken up by age.  Young sailors will learn sailing and boat handling skills, preparation for motorboat safety, environmental awareness, and local maritime history.  It is our goal to develop all of our students to be confident sailors.  Look for further information and details on the website in the next couple of days.

We will be continuing with race night on Fridays this year.  It is intended to be a fun venue where beginning and veteran racers can have fun competing and learn about racing rules, tactics, and strategies.  We are going to be using the Portsmouth handicap system (allows dissimilar boats to compete fairly against each other) so that everyone can choose what boat they would like to sail.  Racing is a great way to improve your overall sailing skills.

I would also like to share with you all our new club burgee.  This burgee was designed to work well with our logo, and we have our own unique design that will be instantly recognizable.  Thanks to Tim Cortes Studio for the design!  Under the “merchandise” section of the website, there is a great variety of clothing and accessories with our burgee available for purchase.  If there is some option you would like but isn’t on the website, let me know and Garon Brothers will mock one up!  There will be samples at the pier.  Burgee stickers are for sale at $3.00 a piece cash only.  You can purchase stickers whenever you see me down there.  T-Shirts will also be available at the pier for $10.00 a shirt.

And finally, there will be a pier work day this Saturday.  It is a volunteer based activity, and we intend to fix the dock, put in finger docks, and perhaps put in a few boats.  It will go from 9 AM until 1 PM.  If you are able to make any part of the work day, your help would be greatly appreciated.

Feel free to contact me at sailingforall@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.  I look forward to sailing with you all this summer!  It should be a very exciting year.

Nick Cortes

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