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The Duluth-Superior Sailing Association (DSSA) hires employees for our summer season (June-September) as pier staff and sailing instructors. Instructor applicants need US Sailing or ASA Instructor, first aid, and CPR certifications.  The DSSA will provide ASA instructor certification course most years at the beginning of June.

Job Description and Responsibilities

Staff working on the pier are in daily contact with our members and are vital to the organization. We can succeed in our mission only when staff maintain a friendly, safe, disciplined, and orderly facility. 

DSSA staff are expected to meet the following:

All new employees are required to have completed an application for employment. If anything has changed since the original application, a new one should be filled out. New employees must present their social security card, and complete an I-9 government form and be subject to any employment policies effected under the law. This includes but is not limited to initial and random drug testing, appropriate dress and behavior, good attendance, proper completion of duties as required, and record keeping as requested. Moreover, staff will be required to have cell phones for use at the pier and internet access for scheduling purposes unless special permission is granted by the waterfront director.

All Staff Must:

  • Adhere to all written and unwritten instructions and policies set forth by the waterfront director.
  • Maintain all records as required.
  • Be appropriately dressed.
  • Maintain discipline throughout our facilities.
  • Maintain our reputation as a high quality sailing school with a welcoming environment.
  • Attend staff meetings as required by the waterfront director.
  • Promptly communicate with the waterfront director, other staff, board members, and volunteers.

Open Sailing Pier Staff:

  • Staff must be familiar with safe motor boat operation (state power boat safety certification required) and able to assist instructors and members in the rigging of DSSA sail boats.
  • CPR and First Aid Certification are required.

Sailing Instructors:

  • Sailing Instructors provide level 1, 2, or 3 sailing instruction to children (6+) and/or adults.
  • Instruction covers sailboat prep, launching, mooring, rigging, safety, maintenance and the theory and practice of safe sailing.
  • Course instructors will follow the course curriculum provided, while adjusting daily lessons to meet the needs of the specific class and taking into account weather conditions.
  • It is expected that instructors will make full and constructive use of the scheduled class times.
  • Instructors also serve as open sailing pier staff as scheduled.
  • Instructors must be competent sailors and able to operate all boats (sail and power) in a safe manner.
  • U.S. Sailing Instructor certification (min. Level I Small Boat Sailing Instructor), ASA, or documented sailing and training experience is required.
  • Instructors must maintain current CPR and First Aid certifications.

The DSSA is an equal opportunity employer. No person will be excluded from consideration for employment because of race, color, religious creed, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, veteran status, martial status, or physical challenges that do not impede performance of duties contained in their job description.


To apply for the positions of sailing instructor or pier staff please contact us and complete our application (PDF)

Contact us at and 218-260-0961