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We require all individuals who take lessons or go sailing through the DSSA to first become members. This is necessary for insurance purposes, and to help fund our many programs!

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About Volunteering 

As many of our costs for running DSSA are going up, we are looking for DSSA Members to help with fundraising.
The Duluth Entertainment & Convention Center (DECC) has given us an opportunity to do just that.
They are offering DSSA Volunteers to help with functions at the DECC and will contribute $10/hour worked to our organization.
Functions vary from Hockey Games, Concerts, Conventions, serving at Grandma’s Spaghetti Feed and many others.
There are many types of jobs including Ticket Taking, Ushering, Concessions and others.
Shifts are usually 4-5 hours in length. Please consider helping us by working a shift or two!  
It’s fun and you can enjoy many of the activities when not busy.  You can sign up Solo or in Groups.  
When you work a shift make sure to list Duluth Superior Sailing Association as the NonProfit that you are raising funds for.
You can get put on the DECC Volunteer Recruiting List by reaching out to 
Tamy (DECC Volunteering Coordinator) at email   volunteeradmin@decc.org
If you have any questions about the program you can also reach out to Paul E. (DSSA board member) at volunteeringdssa@gmail.com

Scott R. Anderson Sailing for All Memorial Fund

The Scott R. Anderson “Sailing for all”Memorial fund supports both able and disabled sailor participants of all ages at the Duluth-Superior Sailing Association.  Its focus is to ensure that any person can participate, regardless of financial or physical ability.

Donations can be made to the Scott R. Anderson Sailing for All Memorial Fund at the Duluth Superior Sailing Association, P. O. Box 3094, Duluth, MN 55803. Write checks to “DSSA” with the notation “Scott R. Anderson Fund.”

Financial Assistance

If you can’t pay the full membership fee, please contact us to discuss scholarship options.