Programs and Classes


Members of the Duluth-Superior Sailing Association have free access to our Day Sailer fleet during open sailing hours from June through September. They may captain any boat on which they have demonstrated competency, or may sail as crew with another member. The dock is normally open from 2pm-9pm, although it may be closed some days due to weather or special events. You can check our current open hours on our pier calendar.

2024 Open Sailing Starts June 10th!  Saturdays and Week Days 2pm-9pm, Weeks Days during youth camp sessions 4:30pm-9pm.

Members with cruise boat experience and training can reserve our auxiliary powered cruise boats outside of opens sailing hours or during open sailing.  Learn more on our cruise boat page.

Youth sailing camps are held at the DSSA sailing pier on Park Point throughout the summer. 


Weekly from 9am – 4pm beginning end of June 2024, see calendar for dates.


7-11 or 12-16 depending on the week (see calendar).

13 person maximum per camp week.


We host Novice, Basic, and Advanced sailing camps.


$325  –  Youth Campers also need a DSSA Youth Membership ($45) or be apart of a DSSA Family Membership ($200).

Lesson Material and Activities:

Novice and Basic camps 

  • Sailing knowledge

  • Sailboat Parts, Parts of a sail, Identifying wind direction, Points of sail, Tacking and Jibing, proper sail trim, getting out of irons.
  • Sailing skills

  • Rigging and de-rigging sailboats, Sailing knots, Sailing upwind and downwind, Docking sailboats, Capsizing drill, Man Overboard drill, Safety position/Heaving to.
  • General seamanship skills

  • Weather awareness, on water safety, being a defensive driver, independent sailing, sailing with a crew, and right of way boating rules.

Advanced camps

  • Sailing skills

  • In-depth on proper sail trim and shaping sails, back winding sails, sailing in no wind, sailing backwards, reefing and furling sails. 
  • Racing

  • Racing rules, starting a sailing race, race courses, basic race tactics, rounding race marks. 
  • Spinnakers 

  • How to rig for a spinnaker set,  hosting a dousing spinnakers, jibing with a spinnaker. 

Swim Test Requirement:

All youth sailors must first pass a swim test. Swim tests are done at the start of each session, and include:

  • Swimming 50 yards
  • Treading water for two minutes
  • Demonstrating the ability to float

In place of a swim test, you can provide any of the following certifications: Boy Scouts Swimming or Lifesaving Merit Badge, Red Cross Intermediate (Level 3+), YMCA Fish, or certified instructor’s statement on established swimming/pool organization letterhead.

What to Bring:  Dress for the weather!

  • Lunch & Water
  • Closed toed shoes (not sandals)
  • Swimsuit
  • Change of clothes (T-Shirt/Shorts and/or Long sleeve/Pants)
  • Warm fleece and/or winter jacket 
  • Rain gear
  • Sunscreen
  • Towel
  • Book
  • Snacks (if desired)
  • Dress for the weather. It can get cold on the lake, even in August.
  • Life jacket if you prefer your own or else you can use ours.

2024 Youth Camp Registration Info

How to register your youth sailing camper(s) properly!

DSSA Youth Camp Registration Policy.

#1 Starting March 1st 2024 only by email can you register your youth camper(s).  You will be emailing to register. 

#2 The youth camper(s) you are registering must reside in your household and/or you are legally responsible for them.

#3 Each youth camper is allowed to sign up for three sessions each.

  • Beginner camps are for novice and new sailors.

  • Basic camps are open to all no matter their skill level.

  • Advanced camps are for sailors with prior experience and can sail a dinghy independently.

#4 If you would like to be put on the waitlist for an extra session please indicate that in the email (waitlist will open June 3rd 2024).

#5 Information that needs to be in the registration email.

Subject: Parent/Guardian Full name and phone number.

Email: Campers Full name, age, and what session(s) you would like to sign up for.  Please add any questions you have or indicate if you would like to be put on the waitlist for an extra session.

#6 You will receive a confirmation email within 3-4 business days with the next steps of registration (paperwork and payment).

#7  Please call, text, or email at anytime if you have questions about the Youth Camp Registration Policy, our youth sailing camps, or our sailing program!

Email:             Phone: 218-260-0961

2024 Youth Camp Dates and Tuition. 

#1 (FULL) June 24-28  (Ages 12-17) . . . Basic Sailing Camp 9am-4pm . . . . . . . $325.00

#2 (Open) July 1-3  (Ages 7-17) . . . Beginner morning Camp 8:30am-12pm . . . $120.00

#3 (Open) July 1-3  (Ages 7-17) . . . Beginner afternoon Camp 1pm-4:30pm . . . $120.00

#4 (FULL) July 8-12  (Ages 7-11) . . . Basic Sailing Camp 9am-4pm . . . . . . . . .  $325.00

#5 (Open) July 15-19  (Ages 12-17) . . . Basic Sailing Camp 9am-4pm . . . . . . .  $325.00

#6 (Open) July 22-26  (Ages 7-11) . . . Basic Sailing Camp 9am-4pm . . . . . . . .  $325.00

#7 (FULL) July 29-August 2  (Ages 7-17) . . . Beginner Sailing Camp 9am-4pm    $325.00

#8 (Open) July 29-August 2  (Ages 7-17) . . . Advanced Sailing Camp 9am-4pm   $325.00

#9 (Open) August 5-9  (Ages 7-11) . . . Basic Sailing Camp 9am-4pm . . . . . . . .  $325.00

#10 (FULL) August 12-16  (Ages 7-17) . . . Advanced Sailing Camp 9am-4pm . .  $325.00

Private lessons with our certified instructors are available to members. Whether you are looking for a 2-hour refresher or a full blown “teach me to sail” course, we are happy to work with you to design individualized lessons. Lessons are scheduled by the hour and are available most days. Since lessons are based on staff availability, it is best to schedule early.


$35/hour for one student.

$25/hour per person for 2-4 students.

Types of lessons we provide

  • Beginner, Intermediate, and advanced  Jib and Mainsail 
  • Laser lessons 
  • Keelboat lessons
  • Cruise boat lessons 
  • Racing lessons 
  • Spinnaker lessons 
  • Sailing Lake Superior lessons 

What to Bring:

  • Closed toed shoes that can get wet
  • Warm clothes
  • Sunscreen
  • Water

2024 Adult Group Beginner/Introduction to Sailing Lessons

Session #1   Sat. June 1st 9am-12pm and Sat. June 8th 9am-12pm.  

$110 for DSSA annual members or $150 for non-annual members.

Session #2 Mon. June 10th 5pm-8pm and Mon. June 17th 5pm-8pm.

$110 for DSSA annual members or $150 for non-annual members.

Contact us for scheduling.

We partner with Northland Adaptive Recreation to provide sailing experiences and lessons for sailors with physical disabilities. We have proper equipment to handle most needs. For details on available programs and dates, contact Mr. Mark Hanna, Courage’s Sports and Recreation Coordinator, at 218-491-0585.

Thursday night race series and clinic’s will be in August 2024.  Sailors of all skill levels are welcome to participate as crew. Members that will be helming/operating DSSA vessels need to prove competency in that chosen vessel before racing it.  You may come early to go over the basics of the racing rules and tactics at 5pm.  The basics of racing sailboats: right of way rules, start sequence/starting a race, basic tactics, rounding racing marks, and different racing courses will be taught through out the August Series.  The race clinic is free for all DSSA members.  DSSA day memberships count to participate in the basic racing clinic’s and the Thursday night race series. Races will start at 6:30pm. 

Thursday Night Race Series Schedule

August 15th 5:30pm-9pm

August 22nd 5:30pm-9pm

August 29th 5:30pm-9pm

Friday Night Youth Race Clinic and Laser Series!

Friday night youth race clinics are open to all youth interested free of charge! Race Clinic’s will be from 5:30pm-6:30pm topics will be intro to racing sailboats: right of way rules, start sequence/starting a race, basic tactics, rounding racing marks, different racing courses, and more! Youth that have experience sailing lasers are welcome to sign up for the race series that follows the clinic. Youth sailors will need a DSSA youth, family, or day membership ($10) to participate on the water. Racing will be from 7pm-9pm. Youth that are interested that don’t have laser experience can take lessons or sign up for DSSA youth camps before the series! This clinic and race series will be hosted by the DSSA along with DYC members. Please contact the DSSA with more questions!

Friday Night Youth Race Clinic and Laser Series Schedule

July 19th 5:30pm-9pm

July 26th 5:30pm-9pm

August 2nd 5:30pm-9pm


Our programs are open to community organizations. If you are interested in providing a sailing experience for your youth, adult, or work group, contact us for scheduling and pricing. Reduced rates are available to organizations that serve individuals with financial need.